Smoothies! *repost from eatingelpaso*

Smoothies Well, I’ve joined the crowd at Pinterest. One of the big pins there is smoothies, and of course I jumped all up on that bandwagon.

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metallica tank

Day 32. Doing Things

Today wasn’t a gym day, but I did other stuff. Some laundry and cooking and some little household stuff, but also FUN stuff. I made my feminine version of the company shirt and...

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It is a kittin

Day 31. Last Day

If we were counting calendar months, this would be the last day of the first month no matter what the month was.  Woke up really sad, but talking to friends (and you) made...

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Days 29 & 30. Feeding.

I guess in my rush to not go anywhere because the maintenance guy was supposed to come yesterday, only NEVER DID, I forgot to make a post. And my thermostat still doesn’t work....

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Day 28. 4 weeks.

Well, it’s been 4 weeks. Generally speaking, the first month is gone.  It’s weird to think about. A month seems really long but it doesn’t seem like you’ve been gone that long, but...

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Days 26&27. I forgot again.

I remembered several times throughout the day yesterday that I needed to post, but I never actually DID it.  So here we are.  Today was HodgePodge day (that’s the troupe name, isn’t it...

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Day 25. Things!

I did a lot today! I got to talk to you for a while and that was GREAT. Then I wandered around town with Salem and did fun things (went to Savers to...

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Law & Order CSI day

Day 24. Sloth

Today is all about chilling out. Sort of. It’s actually about not going to the gym. I did the first deep clean I’ve done since you left though, and I straightened up my...

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I'm strong.

Day 23. Hungry!

Since I started working out I’m starving ALL THE TIME now. Even worse than before. At least I know it’s actual hunger and not just boredom or whatever. Fun thing: I’m designing a...

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actually blue angels

Day 22. Actually Day 23 because I’m up too late.

See those dots? Those are actually Blue Angels. They’re practicing for the air show this weekend. They’ve been practicing all day. I bet they practice all day tomorrow, too. I wish it would...

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