Car Cooking **repost from eatingelpaso**

So I was fiddling around on facebook this morning when my friend John posted a group of pictures by someone who had baked cookies in their car. I said I might try it and then...

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Help Uchenna Grow!!

Help Uchenna Grow!!

Our dear friend Maya owns a wonderful restaurant called Uchenna in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  When Ken left for Basic Training, she “adopted” me as part of her family. When we go back home,...

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Favorite Thing This Week **repost from eatingelpaso**

This week my favorite thing is grilled pineapple. Yay Big 8 for having them on sale for 99¢!!  I’ve been eating them with everything. Stops today though; they’re back up to like $3 or whatever,...

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Bacon-Wrapped Pork Loin with Apples and Peas **repost from eatingelpaso**

I love bacon. I also love pork. Hottie chef Eric Ripert did a recipe on his show Avec Eric using these together, and I tweaked the side dish a little bit and made...

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pie sundae

Fast Food Desserts **repost from eatingelpaso**

So I’m trying to kill time during the last while before Ken comes back and out of desperation I turned to fast food. McDonald’s has a s’mores pie that I discovered by accident...

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workshop pose

Tribal Solstice 2012

So in case you weren’t aware, I’m a bellydancer. I do American Tribal Style, or ATS (just google it). Basically it’s group improv dance, and we all learn the same cues and moves....

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end soda

Balsamic Onion Jam and Prickly Pear/Elderflower Soda **repost from eatingelpaso**

The pickled onions didn’t take as many onions as I thought they would, so I had some left over. I decided to try my hand at marmalade because I love balsamic vinegar and...

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Pickled Red Onions **repost from eatingelpaso**

Since moving here I have discovered that I freaking love these onions. They’re tangy and sweet and delicious and pink.  I’m pretty sure that they played a part in my winning the photo...

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Gazpacho **repost from eatingelpaso**

You know what I love? I love tomatoes. Know what’s good when it’s hot? Gazpacho. Know what I made?

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Food Prep For One *repost from eatingelpaso*

This isn’t going to be for too much longer (hopefully), but I’m cooking for one. The commissary doesn’t really package food for one person though, it’s usually family packs and things.  Combine this...

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