I ran a 5k! **repost from eatingelpaso**

I wanted this to be the year I started being more active. Or being active *again*. So, one payday before I could really talk myself out of it, I signed Ken and myself...

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Wonderful Workshops

This past weekend I went to Santa Fe for a bellydance workshop. The people teaching the workshop were in Unmata, which is my favorite bellydance troupe. Amy Sigil is the creator of Unmata and of...

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baroni bite august 2012

So this happened…

We were feeding snakes tonight. Ken had gotten the male Baron’s Racer out of the tank and fed him in the feeding bin, and he was getting ready to feed the female. He...

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Guess who’s home…

He’s finally back! Now get ready for pictures of our adventures together…hopefully I can get HIM to post some too. Here is his dog Chuck. Chuck is being denied an elephant ear. Here...

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I’m about to complain about Yelpers and restaurants. OK. First thing that bugs me-people who complain about the serving size,and that they can get more for their money if they go to Golden Corral...

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Lazy (wo)Man’s Salsa **repost from eatingelpaso**

Since Ken is home I’m eating more like crap again, because I have this celebratory mindset. This is NOT good because I just had a bowl of mint chip ice cream for lunch...

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Summer Rolls (Mexican) **repost from eatingelpaso**

I’m procrastinating about studying for a test on cells, so of course that makes it a great day to make a complicated lunch for myself! I made Mexican summer rolls. It’s basically the same...

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Summer Rolls (Greek) **repost from eatingelpaso**

I love rolls. Summer rolls, Spring rolls, whatever. I just like them. I don’t just like Asian food though so I put other stuff in them. Today I made Greek ones.

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feature pic

Kat’s Couscous **repost from eatingelpaso**

One of my best friends made this for me once. I loved it so I asked for the recipe. It’s light and bright and really good for summer potlucks. It can be vegetarian...

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cheese n cream

Risotto **repost from eatingelpaso**

I’ll admit, I mostly wanted to try this because I watch Hell’s Kitchen. Turns out it really is freaking awesome, so. Yay Gordon Ramsay for making me want to eat it!

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