What Will Lucky 13 Bring? **repost from eatingelpaso**

In a few hours it’ll be our anniversary. It’ll also be a new calendar year, yay! I’m looking forward to both.

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chip plate

Won-tacos **repost from eatingelpaso**

I have been craving tacos for a while. I am on a recipe exchange page on facebook and someone has tacos at least once a week. I miss tacos! So, when I thought...

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Preserves **repost from eatingelpaso**

I’ve always wanted to learn canning. Preserves, jellies and jams seem to be one of the easier, quicker ways to do it. When I saw that we could get a few pounds of...

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my head

Sweet Potato Chili ** repost from eatingelpaso**

I keep seeing recipes for pumpkin chili. Pumpkin is a pain in my butt to prepare, so I use sweet potatoes in almost everything that calls for pumpkin.  This experiment turned out to...

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Shooting **repost from eatingelpaso**

Yesterday I went to a shooting class! It was with the United States Rifleman’s Association and was for women only. It was an introductory class to show us how to shoot and handle...

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Crazy Weekend **repost from eatingelpaso**

I went back to Colorado over the weekend to meet my friend Beccah. She is moving from Michigan and wanted to explore to make sure she wanted to move THERE, and not…somewhere else....

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Paleo-friendly Curry **repost from eatingelpaso**

I’ve mentioned it before but Ken is currently trying to stay Paleo to help control the sarcoidosis. That means if I cook for both of us, I can’t have things like pasta or...

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Mister Man Makes Paleo **repost from eatingelpaso**

So I am getting ready to teach my first ATS class (explanation here) and I didn’t want to quit to fix dinner. Ken stepped up and did it instead, with a few pointers from me....

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Birthday Dinner & Dessert **repost from eatingelpaso**

OK so we are doing these Bountiful Baskets, right? And we got collards in this last one. I’ve never cooked with them before (although I’ve juiced them, and yuck). I decided to cook them...

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photo (2)

Kimchi **repost from eatingelpaso**

Since we live in a desert, it’s hard to find decent vegetables. Even if you pay a lot, it’s hard to find them. When I first moved here I looked for a CSA...

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