Keto Chicken Pizza Crust

We are trying to change our lifestyle and working on being more healthy. That means losing weight for me, and avoiding things that trigger sarcoidosis flares for him. So we are now both...

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Al Swearingen Cupcakes?

Did you watch Deadwood? We did, and we love its Shakespearean patter interspersed with lots of F-bombs. One of our favorite things is the weird way Al Swearingen, one of the main characters,...

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Sriracha Sweet Potato Fries

I have to say that sweet potatoes have grown on me. When I was a kid I thought they were gross. Actually I still think sweet potatoes are gross when you make them...

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Kat’s Couscous Redux

I randomly decided to make Kat’s Couscous yesterday. It’s best when it sits overnight so we didn’t have any last night, although I did taste it (it was kinda harsh).  I didn’t have...

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Spicy Asian Turkey Lettuce Wrap

This is the second time I made these and tonight we decided we like them better than the chicken ones at Pei Wei, which they’re based on.  They’re not hard to make and...

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“Holy Shit This Fudge Is Amazing” Fudge Recipe

We don’t really celebrate Christmas. I do giftmas, with a small G, because I like presents and good food, but it’s between November and February and you basically do whatever you want and...

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Warm Corn Salad

Today was Bountiful Baskets pickup day. It’s a great day! I just wish our pickup was a bit later. I always forget on Friday nights that I have to get up early on...

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I decided to do this little thing on Instagram since they have mini videos now. I call it watchmecook.  I video myself throughout meal prep and then post it with the hashtag “watchmecook”...

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What’s the Bzz? FAGE Feta Dip

Well, if you didn’t read you may not know what a BzzAgent is. It means that I get to try new products for free (or at a reduced price) in exchange for...

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This Week’s Happenings (strawberry topping recipe)

Well, it hasn’t been that exciting a week. No broken bones, no mystery problems. Well, actually Ken is sick today, but I’m not counting today, really.

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