Al Swearingen Cupcakes?

Did you watch Deadwood? We did, and we love its Shakespearean patter interspersed with lots of F-bombs. One of our favorite things is the weird way Al Swearingen, one of the main characters,...

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Sriracha Sweet Potato Fries

I have to say that sweet potatoes have grown on me. When I was a kid I thought they were gross. Actually I still think sweet potatoes are gross when you make them...

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Kat’s Couscous Redux

I randomly decided to make Kat’s Couscous yesterday. It’s best when it sits overnight so we didn’t have any last night, although I did taste it (it was kinda harsh).  I didn’t have...

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Spicy Asian Turkey Lettuce Wrap

This is the second time I made these and tonight we decided we like them better than the chicken ones at Pei Wei, which they’re based on.  They’re not hard to make and...

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“Holy Shit This Fudge Is Amazing” Fudge Recipe

We don’t really celebrate Christmas. I do giftmas, with a small G, because I like presents and good food, but it’s between November and February and you basically do whatever you want and...

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Warm Corn Salad

Today was Bountiful Baskets pickup day. It’s a great day! I just wish our pickup was a bit later. I always forget on Friday nights that I have to get up early on...

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I decided to do this little thing on Instagram since they have mini videos now. I call it watchmecook.  I video myself throughout meal prep and then post it with the hashtag “watchmecook”...

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What’s the Bzz? FAGE Feta Dip

Well, if you didn’t read eatingelpaso.com you may not know what a BzzAgent is. It means that I get to try new products for free (or at a reduced price) in exchange for...

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This Week’s Happenings (strawberry topping recipe)

Well, it hasn’t been that exciting a week. No broken bones, no mystery problems. Well, actually Ken is sick today, but I’m not counting today, really.

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Soft Tacos and an Amazing Salsa Recipe **repost from eatingelpaso**

I sprained my ankle pretty badly so I’m having a hard time cooking lately, but tonight I managed to put together some decent tacos.  Chicken, potatoes, lime, cumin, yum. I didn’t make mango...

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