sitting like a good dog

Day 14. It’s been 2 weeks.

I miss you so much. It seems like it’s been way longer than two weeks. Then again, if I think about it, it doesn’t seem like it was that long ago that we...

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Day 10. Double Digits!

It’s surprisingly nice out today. I’ve had fleece pants on the whole day so far, and it’s still kind of chilly. Periodically I go out on the back porch to sit in the...

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day 8 dinner: greek omelette

Day 9. Lonely

Well, loneliness hit today pretty hard. I miss you a lot and I feel like I’m not accomplishing anything that I set out to do. Hopefully I’ll feel different this week.  

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Day 8. Pho.

Yeah, I tried making pho today. It wasn’t that great. I accidentally bought 2 bags of coriander instead of a bag of coriander and a bag of cardamom, because I went to 6...

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Day 8. Tired.

My sleep schedule is whacked out. I’m really tired. I’m not even really doing anything, I shouldn’t be this tired. I need to start working out. Especially since that was the big plan....

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photo (9)

Day 7. Worry, and Care Package Update (yes, another)

I’m worried tonight. Now that he’s actually there and doing his job, I worry. My box of boxes came from the post office today. Did you know that you can order priority boxes,...

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our exit

Day 6. A Week.

It’s been a week since I saw you last, almost down to the hour. ┬áIt doesn’t seem like a week. I don’t know what it does seem like, but a week isn’t it....

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Ready for sleeping

Day 5. Real Bed!

The 550 cord came today. I discovered that I don’t know how to tie knots and I can’t get the cords tight enough. The bed sags. When I turk enough I’ll be buying...

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photo (2)

Day 4. Stain

I stained the bed today. This is the last night I will be sleeping on the floor; I’m excited! I just hope I’m able to tie the supports up right; I really don’t...

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Day 3. Tired.

I made the bed today. Only, like, really. I built our bed! I’m just waiting on the paracord to come, and tomorrow I’ll tighten the eye bolts and stain it, and then Monday...

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