Law & Order CSI day

Day 24. Sloth

Today is all about chilling out. Sort of. It’s actually about not going to the gym. I did the first deep clean I’ve done since you left though, and I straightened up my...

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I'm strong.

Day 23. Hungry!

Since I started working out I’m starving ALL THE TIME now. Even worse than before. At least I know it’s actual hunger and not just boredom or whatever. Fun thing: I’m designing a...

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actually blue angels

Day 22. Actually Day 23 because I’m up too late.

See those dots? Those are actually Blue Angels. They’re practicing for the air show this weekend. They’ve been practicing all day. I bet they practice all day tomorrow, too. I wish it would...

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Day 21. 3 weeks

Well, it’s been 3 weeks since you’ve been gone.  One day at a time, I guess. Or one hour. I planted the Thai basil today, and put it in the kitchen window. The...

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Day 20. Housekeeping

Did the last bit of the construction of the bed-built a shelf and hung the light on it. Now I’m just waiting on the decorative nailheads to cover the holes where the eye...

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Sunny Yard

Day 19. Cocoon.

Didn’t feel like leaving the house today, so I didn’t. No gym, no store run. I did end up going to the FRG meeting after all, though I planned not to earlier in...

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The lights of Juarez from our back porch

Day 18. Blah.

Nothing going on, really, worth talking about. Finally got the phone to update so now I have the new OS, woo.  Got a decent workout in. I’ve been watching Breaking Bad the rest...

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bath time

Day 17. Clean

Washed the dog today. No gym, my stomach was upset after the Thai food the night before. That’ll teach me to eat fried food after 2 weeks of not, I guess. Went to...

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Hungry Rhino

Day 16. Food

Went out with a group of military wives for dinner tonight. It was fun, surprisingly. One girl from your unit, and 3 others from facebook. It’s a group for people with no kids....

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Soto Gym

Day 15. Tired.

Started going to the gym again. Here’s Soto, from my stretching point.  

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