We finally got more than one at random! One of the jumbos laid yesterday, and again today, and one of the littles laid today too! 

I also finally got to hear both the roos crow. Not at once, but I know they both will, now.  But look at the eggs! The jumbo ones are the larger ones. 20160730_232008


Ken is done with classes til Fall so he’s home again. One of the first things he did was to push over this tree in the back yard.


He’s secretly a hulk. We ran a couple of errands today, then settled on the couch to marathon Fringe.


Once we find another quail supplier we are going to buy one more quad. I guess we could just wait a couple of weeks til the eggs are more than likely fertilized, and then another 3 weeks for them to hatch, and then another couple of months for them to start laying. But that seems like an awful damn long time when I can just drop thirty bucks and have them laying in a couple of weeks.

I’m hoping to have pics of the bounty from our “garden” tomorrow. Ken has a lot of peppers to pick, and I got quite a few tomatoes off my plants. The sweet potatoes I stuck into the straw bales are leafing up nicely, and I decided that I’ll toss the other ones into the compost pile. Maybe they’ll grow me some sweet ‘taters too!

T gets here in less than a week. I’m excited!

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