What’s New? Eggs and Cuffs

I bought 3 new quail, 2 hens and a roo.



I put one of the “old” hens in with the new guys so I have 2 cages with a roo and 3 hens. And this morning I found an egg in the “new” cage! The lady I bought them from said they had just started laying. It’s pretty exciting!  They’re actually just in an old rabbit cage right now. I think it’s too small so on payday I’m buying some dropping pans and making 2 new 2×2 cages for each bunch. I think I’ll make a third too, we have 3 shelves in the area where the birds are so I might as well use them all.

On the business front, Ken and I took a foldforming class this morning at the local bead store.


Mine is on the left, Ken’s is on the right, and a new one I just started working on is in front of them. It’s pretty fun and I believe I can probably make one without buying anything new. Here’s hoping, anyway. It’s black because I was literally *just* working on it, even if it is 3am. I bet my neighbors love me- I put my stump on my front porch and I was out there hammering.  Oh well.

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