Rented Homestead Update

I think we’re in a decent flow now. The quail and I have worked out a schedule. I moved them back into the cage with the tray because I think they’re safer on the porch. We have this shelf on the back porch that’s just the right size for these guys. We are now looking for another pair of hens and another roo for a second cage. Hopefully I can find a poultry swap close by this weekend.


The vegetables are doing well though. My tomatoes are smaller than I expected but I’ve never grown these kinds before.


Ken’s habs look great!


The pear tree even has some action going on.


The compost pile looks more composty, kind of. I don’t know. I have no idea what I’m doing. We had a big bag of rancid poultry feed that we dumped on there. No idea what that’ll do. I add the bird’s fouled dust bath dirt and dump the shavings from under their cage on there too, when I clean it. We’ll see I guess!



All in all I’m pretty happy. I’ll be excited to get more birds though. I hope they start laying soon. Grow faster, birds!



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