New Plans

I know, I haven’t posted in forever. I’m going to try to keep up with it now. We’re probably staying in this house for another year so I’m going to begin improving the yard so I can grow stuff.


Here’s the part I’m going to change- the side yard on the left. It’s a small area so it’s more controllable and more manageable, mentally and realistically. Plus the other side of the yard has random weird crap strewn all over it from the previous tenant, and the (broken) sprinkler system running through it. I pick up the weird detritus as it’s unearthed but I don’t want to deal with it since it’s not *my* yard, really.


This is the view from the sidewalk under the pear tree, by the house. The green bits are where my first lasagna beds are going! It’s going to be hugelculturey kind of. I’m making the walls with 2′ chicken wire, and they’ll be 8×4. I needed someplace to put all the damned brush this property produces, and now I have one. Also LOOK AT MY TOMATO BALES! I have a grownup sized tomato reddening! But it’s splitting. SIGH. Whatever, I’m still eating it.

Here’s a view from further back in the yard. The big brush pile on the right is going to be the hugeley part. I’ll be glad to get the stupid brush pile cleared out! It’s an eyesore and a fire hazard.



I spent a good bit of last summer hunched over, pulling up these damned things. Caltrop, goatheads, satan, whatever it is you call it, I’ve managed to clear it out of the yard by pulling it up before it goes to seed and letting it fry on the sidewalk. There are probably 80% fewer sprouts this year than last year, and it’s been pretty rainy. I know a good part of that is my diligent weeding, but it’s also because we use the mulcher on the mower and it gives better groundcover. This crap doesn’t grow well on covered dirt. I HATE IT WITH A PASSION.



Here are my other composters- 4 brand new worm towers. I finished them yesterday. I had one finished, and then we bought 2 pounds of worms and like, 10-20 pounds of bedding and I realized that it wouldn’t work. I finished the other 3 yesterday, and now they’re eating some scraps from last freaking year. That’s another reason I want to get the lasagna beds going- I want someplace to dump that bucket because good lord it reeks. Anaerobic stuff is GROSS, y’all. I deeply regret that. I also noticed when I took this picture that my air holes in the outer buckets are useless. I need to drill some lower down or something. Remember my statement about 1.3 seconds ago about anaerobic being bad? It’s especially bad for worms, who need oxygen to do their jobs. I’ll be taking care of that in a little bit. My beetle tanks are on the floor next to the worm towers, but they are only working, not helping me with the garden.



One reason I decided to blog this is that I was looking for people who have grown bamboo in Colorado, since that’s something we’re considering as a windbreak for our property once we buy it. I found this lady, and she’s doing a blog challenge. I figured why not? I like challenges, maybe this’ll keep me blogging more regularly than uh. Annually.

Another reason is because I need accountability. Hopefully if I tell you all my awesome plans, you will call me out for not following through. Tomorrow we are driving up to Colorado Springs to go to a poultry swap. We may or may not come home with quail. What I’m really hoping, though, is that we can find a bunch of free compost from rabbit and/or chicken people, already conveniently bagged. Then on Monday I will start working on my lasagna beds! I have a roll of 50′ x 2′ chicken wire all ready to go, I just need some stakes.

I will probably need to find a couple of pallets to put over the spot where I buried all those muskrat heads though, so Chuck doesn’t dig them up. Maybe I’ll write that story out next.


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