Hardscrabble Road Trip Pregame, and Days 1 and 2

Ken and I are on a road trip! We’re wandering around the country eating BBQ and visiting people, and we brought Chuck and Smalls with us. You can watch our trip unfold by searching for the #hardscrabbleroadtrip hashtag on instagram, or you can just watch here. 

The day before our trip, I needed to go to the post office. I went and as I was driving home, the engine started getting really boggy and the check engine light came on. It ended up needing a tuneup, to the tune (sorry) of $300. Then when we got home, Chuck was shaking his head and holding one ear all crazy. I recently found out how awful foxtails (a type of grass seed) are, and we scoped his ear (thank god we are medical geeks and have that kinda crap) and saw it in there. So we went to the emergency vet and had it removed before it traveled through his eardrum to various body parts and eventually killed him. That cost a bit over $200. It also made it so I didn’t get to bed til around midnight. Here’s a link to Chuck being super stoned after the sedation to have the foxtail removed: https://instagram.com/p/5qnP7pD0wY

Day 1
I woke up at 5 am because my body hates me. I got up and did yoga and finished packing and getting the house ready for the house sitter. Finally we set out! To ChikFilA, because I needed sweet tea. We got on the road around 8:30. Ken actually ended up driving the ENTIRE first day, which I really appreciate because I was beat and the previous day really stressed me out. On the way out of Colorado I found a road that has TONS of roadkill for me to come collect once I am prepared for that part of my business. We stopped in Kansas City, MO to let the dogs run and to say hi to a fellow bellydancer that I have only known on the internet. It was a nice visit, and I got to meet one of her dogs, and she met Chuck and Smalls. We stopped and got some BBQ at Arthur Bryant’s, which was anything but impressive. We were both pretty disappointed. Then we FINALLY made it to Columbia around 11pm and knocked OUT.
Pics from the road:




Day 2
I ended up sleeping til 9, I think. It may have been 8 or 10, I have completely lost track of time after the time change. I piddled around watching some crappy TV while Ken went to the range (his friend we are staying with is into guns too), and ended up sleeping for around 2-3 hours. Then we went to dinner and got some BBQ, YAY! That’s actually the entire point of this trip- hitting every major BBQ region/city we can. Anyway the BBQ was good, and I really liked the sauces. I’d eat there again. Then we fiddled around some more, I wrote this, and soon we are going to bed.

Here’s my dinner from tonight, sans sauce:


Tomorrow: Ohio-bound!

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