Ken starts school tomorrow! I hope he isn’t too nervous and that he can sleep tonight.  It seems to be snowing pretty hard up in the Springs, and I hope it stays away from here and from the south. I like his new car, and he likes it too, and I don’t want it to be destroyed in some stupid ice-related accident. Annnnd that’s the black dog talking to you through my mouth. He Will Be Fine.

Tomorrow is about getting the laundry in, making a good dinner, getting a couple of things listed on Etsy, and hitting the post office with the order I have packaged up. I may go to Harbor Freight for some business stuff, and to Dollar Tree for some home stuff. I wasn’t going to go get the tumbler from Harbor Freight for a while, actually. I’m kind of pissed off about why I have the money. It’s because I procrastinated. I found a place where I could get some really cool supplies, but when I finally decided to go for it (tonight, in fact), they were sold out of what I wanted. SO, I’m buying a tumbler instead. I’m really frustrated.

Maybe I’ll wait and check again tomorrow… hmm. I really, really want those supplies.

And no, I won’t tell you what they are or where they’re coming from.  Here’s a picture of something I made recently, look at that instead of wondering what I missed.


This one is a muskrat skull (that I didn’t process), and a Gouldian finch skull (that I did process). Pretty, huh?




This one’s a bird Calavera under glass. I processed it and decorated it myself.




Finally there’s this. It’s the back (left) and front (right) of a double-sided ossuary pendant I made for Caitlin Doughty of The Order of the Good Death. See, I have this death phobia. Not of death in general, exactly. I’m (obviously) OK with animal death, unless it’s a family member. Even then I’m not afraid of it, it just hurts to be near. It’s more human-specific. Attending funerals is something that I hate to do. Open caskets? No, nope. I won’t be there. No viewing of the body, thanks. I’ll just stand out in this blizzard in this dress.

But! This website, these people, they are working to reduce the fear people (like me) have about human death. Or any death really, if you read her blog about losing her cat recently. So I wanted to say thank you. I can’t tell her thank you in the language in which I’m especially fluent (food and snacks), so I’m trying my second language- making stuff. I’m especially pleased with the back; it’s an orchid made from two different types of flowers that I pressed, and pigeon bones that I processed. The front is from bones that I processed too, a finch skull and a vertebra from I think the gopher Chuck found, and more pressed stuff. But the back is my favorite, it’s so pretty.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve done lately. How about you?


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