Frost Your Bathroom Window

If you are like us, you end up in older houses when you rent. That’s mostly OK, but it seems like people always put blinds (or even curtains once) in the tub because they don’t have frosted glass in the windows. I think that’s weird and it seems like it’s just asking for mold. You can fix this weird issue by spraying on frosted glass paint, and it’s really easy to make it uniquely yours.

First you need to clean the window really well. You want the paint to stick to the glass, not to whatever weird stuff is on the window from the last tenant. I scrub it with a Scotch Brite and some all-purpose cleaner, and then wipe it down with vinegar.¬†After that you brainstorm your design. The first time I did this I used a pretty swirly design I got from a Google image search (search for whatever you want, plus “silhouette” to get something that’s easier to cut out).

Next you need the paint, some painter’s tape (Con-Tact paper works too if you have a large design), a Sharpie if you want to freehand it, and a utility or X-acto knife.



If you want something from Google, print it out and tape it to the Con-Tact paper. Remember that if you want it in a specific direction, you may have to tape the paper to the front of the Con-Tact paper instead of the back when you’re cutting it. Just figure out which way the sticky part should go! If you do something from Google you will need to print it out, then tape that to the Con-Tact paper, then cut it out with the X-acto knife. I decided to just draw some grass and sky stuff freehand, so painter’s tape worked fine for me.

drawn on

If you need an open space for a suction cup, factor that in when you are putting tape on the glass. I need a big spot for the suction cup hook so I can hang our no-slip mat, so I made a big sun. If you’re using a Con-Tact paper design, you can just unpeel it and stick it on the window.


closer view of drawing

I also drew some clouds and birds on the top pane and grass and a flower on the bottom.


If you use painter’s tape, you need to trace the drawing with your X-acto or utility knife. I ended up freehanding it even more with the knife, and didn’t follow the design I drew very closely. It still looked fine. Then peel the excess tape off, leaving your design.


Once that’s done you can cover the other part of the window (if you have one) with newspaper and tape. You can cover the wall too. I didn’t bother though, and it worked fine, you just need to be careful when you spray. You may want to wear a mask and turn on the exhaust fan, if you have one. Follow the instructions on the paint can for application and wait for it to dry. I did three layers of paint, but you can probably get by with just two.


Once it’s dry, carefully peel off the remaining tape.


done daylight


Here is what it looks like from outside. I snuck a picture of Ken while he was in the shower.


And there you go! Super easy and no curtains in your shower! Other than the shower curtain of course.

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