Yes, again. However! This is the last rental move we will be making. The next time we move we will be moving into our house, that we OWN.  I’m so pumped about that. I actually don’t even mind moving. I mean I hate the process, yes, but I love living in new places and getting to redecorate a new house. I love the potential that new yards and living rooms have.

We’re moving to Pueblo, CO, because I got into the Occupational Therapy Assistant program at the community college there. Our new place is half a mile from my classroom. If it isn’t 900 degrees I may actually walk to school. I’ve never done that my whole life.

I am not going to show you pictures of the inside yet because it’s either empty or has random piles/boxes of stuff all over, because we’re literally in the middle of moving. We’re moving the bed and my computer in 2 weekends, though, so a few weeks after that is when inside pictures will be happening.

Here’s what the outside looks like though! 

Here’s the front. The previous tenant destroyed the lawn both in front and in back, but the shrubbery is nice enough, and there’s a rose bush by the sidewalk. Also- for the first time ever, I have a MAIL SLOT!!!



I think you can just see part of the rose bush on the left side of the picture.


Here’s the back of the house from (almost) the alley. That’s a pear tree! There’s also a giant overgrown rosebush on the right side of the house through that gate.



The strip of ground on the right is where my raised beds will go. I’m making them from old pallets. I also remembered that I want to do a compost area, so that might go to the right of where I’m standing to take this picture.


The back yard from the house, at that gate. I’m 98% sure the big tree on the right-ish is a mulberry tree. More free fruit!! Ken and his brother bought a boat and that will go over on the right somewhere.



The whole strip of the garden area won’t be one giant raised bed, I am going to make 3′ beds that go from the sidewalk to the fence with 2-3′ between them.  I can’t wait for next year! We will probably be in this house til we buy, but Ken says that’s not happening til we are both out of school.
Speaking of school, I start around the middle of next month. I can’t say that I’m looking forward to it because I’m a giant slacker, but I am looking forward to being paid to go there!


To wind up, here’s the cutest thing ever- it’s one of the baby swifts nesting on our porch light. LOOK HOW CUTE IT IS!

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