Make this easy multi-chain necklace in just 30 minutes!

You can make this interesting and pretty necklace in under an hour! You just need some inexpensive, easy to find supplies,  two pairs of pliers, and a little time and patience.


What you need:
2 chain nose (or needle nose) pliers


6 pieces of 3″ chain
2 pieces of 4″ chain
2 pieces of 2″ chain
1 lobster claw clasp
2 6mm jump rings
4 5mm jump rings
16 4mm jump rings
4 1:3 findings
1 pendant

You can find all the supplies at Michaels or most other hobby shops. You can find the pliers there too, or you can go to Walmart and get some cheap needle nose pliers if you’re just starting out.

I like to lay out the necklace first to see how it will look and to make sure I have all the supplies I need.


Opening and closing jump rings is simple, but you can’t just pull them open. You have to twist them so that the opening stays flat, otherwise the rings will warp and won’t close properly. There’s a good quick video explanation here.


Once you lay out your supplies and are sure you have everything you need, just start connecting them with the jump rings!

Getting there…



complete 2

You can adjust the size of your necklace by using different sized findings and changing chain lengths. Just keep in mind that you want the pieces that go around the back of your neck to be long enough that the findings aren’t on the sides; you want to be able to see them! Plus it’s just uncomfortable to have bulky things poking you in the sides or back of your neck. The necklace will feel and look better if they’re more towards the front. If you use a 1:3 finding like I did, you could also try braiding the triple section.

Be imaginative when you choose your pendant.


This is one that I made to sell in my Etsy shop, Clever Kim’s Curios.


photo 3

You can also find other findings that have different connectors; they come 1:1, 1:2, I think I’ve even seen 1:5. Just go to a local beading shop or jewelry supply store and look around. I find that the people in specialty shops are super friendly and helpful to beginners.

Here’s how it looks on!


This necklace is 22″ when finished. In retrospect I would probably use a shorter length on the triple sections and from the findings to the pendant. I prefer to wear necklaces that are about 16″ or 17″. This could also make a really interesting choker if you shortened it up more!


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