Hospitals and Other Doctory Things

Well, this has been a month of doctors and hospitalizations and surgeries. Not the month of April, but the past 30 days.  

First Ken got a bowel obstruction. It’s his… 4th? 5th? This is since he joined the Army. He’s only been in about 4 years. That’s a lot. So he hung out in the hospital for about 1 week of his 3 weeks of leave that he took. GREAT vacation, lemme tell ya.

Then about 2 weeks ago, or possibly 3 but I don’t exactly remember, I had a tonsillectomy. That’s right, at 41, or 40, or 42, however old I am, I got my tonsils out. They were enormous and I had to flush them weekly because I got tonsolliths. I’ll let you google that if you want to but I warn you it’s gross. Anyway, since I was flushing them not only weekly but with a mild antibacterial wash (diluted Listerine) the ENT guy just said yeah, let’s yank those. So I celebrated, and then got them taken out! I feel like I healed up really fast and was eating normally again after about a week and a half. It was not the miracle diet I was hoping for since I was starving and only lost about 3 pounds, but at least I don’t cough those damned gross things up any more.  Of course as I type that my throat starts hurting again. Thanks, awareness!

Last Friday it was Ken’s turn again. He decided to have exploratory surgery to find out why he kept getting the blockages. The surgeon went in laparoscopically and released a ton of adhesions. She said it looked like his appendix exploded when he got appendicitis like 15 (?) years ago. He’s been in the hospital since then. I thought it was going to be an outpatient thing and he’d be home on Saturday at the latest. Turns out the average stay is 5 nights. So I’ve been worrying and worrying about him not coming home, and kind of making plans for us, when he wasn’t expected to go home for another couple of nights!

Anyway, I’m glad he’s OK and I’m looking forward to him coming home again.

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