What’s the Bzz? Kroger Skillet Meals

I know you already know I am a BzzAgent. That means I get to try products for free, or at a reduced price, in exchange for talking about it to other people. Or blogging about it, as the case may be. The campaign I’m in right now is the Kroger Skillet Meals campaign.


I chose the orange chicken skillet meal. It was pretty easy to fix, and it took around 10 minutes. Here’s a video I made to show how easy it is!



Pretty simple, huh? Just put the sauce in some hot water to thaw it, microwave the rice, and cook the meat and veg in a hot pan. Pour the thawed sauce over the heated meat and vegetables, serve over the rice, and garnish with the included sesame seeds. Easy peasy!

I actually added some mushrooms and water chestnuts to bulk it up a little. The bag was enough to feed 2 people with small appetites if you also added a salad or some kind of side.  The sodium content is a little high, but if you’re looking for a quick, inexpensive, simple meal, this definitely fits the bill.  We actually added this to our regular shopping list because it’s so easy.

Kroger Skillet Meals come in a huge variety. There are Asian, Italian, even Mexican ones to try. You can also add some sides like a salad from the Kroger Fresh Selections salad kits, or Kroger garlic bread if you choose an Italian version. We did that last week and tried the gnocchi one. YES, there is a gnocchi one!!

I know the video cut off pretty fast,  so here’s a closeup of what the orange chicken looked like. Makes you wanna dig in, huh? I know I want to, I’m starved!


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