Refill Your Plug-ins.

This is pretty self-explanatory. I don’t know why I didn’t try doing this before. You can refill your Glade and AirWick plug-in air fresheners, y’all. So basically all you need is the old empty, the part that goes into the wall, a way to take the top off without destroying the top or the wick, and stuff to go inside.  Also excuse the weird coloring in all these pics, I did it in the bathroom because that’s where the empty was, and I didn’t want to get the smellygood stuff everywhere.


First you need an empty. Not difficult.



Pry the top off without crushing it, and don’t pull/destroy/crush the wick while you do it.  What works best for me is gently twisting. It’s not a twist-off top but it comes off.  If I just try prying it off without twisting, the pliers slide off and crush the wick. Tadaa.

pry off


Then getchu some refill stuff! OK technically you should have gotten it already. I got some cheapo liquid potpourri stuff at Walmart. This isn’t an oil. Not sure what it is really, but it’s the least expensive of the liquid smellygoods that they had. Look in the section where they have those reeds that are supposed to diffuse the scent into the air.  (Those never worked for me.) It’s usually around the home decor stuff, maybe near the candles.



Mmm, jasminey.


Then just pour it into the container. Don’t fill it as full as I did; try to leave room for the wick. Do it on something that you can clean easily. This is not the time to test the waterproof shine on your TV or entertainment center.



See? I get stuff everywhere.


Then pop the lid on! I’ve reused this one a few times so the wick kind of exploded out of its sheath in the jar; just tuck it back in there. It still works fine, at least for me.

replace cap


Overly full.


Then wipe it off, stick it back in the diffuser, and plug it back in. Yay! And that big bottle of green stuff only cost me about $3.  The refills, which are maybe a tablespoon and a half of liquid, cost me about the same.


Warning: I haven’t done any kind of testing on this. You might burn your house down, or be letting terrible chemicals off into the air you and your kids and pets breathe. Just ’cause I do something don’t mean you gotta do it! Refill these things and use them at your own risk, yo.


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