Magnetic Shelf

I live in military housing right now so I can’t randomly drill holes and nail things into the walls like I normally would. Especially in the kitchen, where the cabinets are weird metal-and-plastic things that remind me of a 70s mobile home, and then they put up some kind of plastic backsplash so I can’t even get to the walls if I wanted to.  I did want to, but anyway, this isn’t about that. I don’t have anyplace convenient to put my cutting boards/mats. I like the thin bendy ones, and I have 2 thicker plastic ones. I like them because I can bleach the heck out of them when I’m done, and they aren’t super expensive to replace.  Some of them don’t have holes though, so I can’t even hang them up using Command Strip hooks. Here’s what I was working with.


I have a lot of headroom (not like Max) and I decided to use some of it when I discovered that the bottom of the stupid metal cabinets will hold a magnet.  It’s painted though, and it barely held the magnet from the fridge. I decided to look for some rare earth magnets instead, and found these conveniently countersunk round ones on Amazon.

Not a toy

They are not toys, people. And actually they would probably hurt a kid. They pinched the living crap out of me when I was fiddling around with them.

I went through my scrap wood to find something that would fit the design I had in mind. Then I took all my stuff downstairs to cut the wood and use the drill, because I don’t mind getting sawdust all over the place in the basement. I also do this stuff outside but man, it’s hot today!

Setting up



I like this shot of the screw. I just like the lighting, OK?




It turns out that I have to use flat-topped screws so the magnets sit flush with the cabinet or they weren’t strong enough, so I had to go dig around in the garage for more screws. And I added a middle row just for GP.




Then I painted it. I used the Hammered look stuff from Rust-Oleum. I didn’t like it at all on something else I did, but this is a smaller project and I don’t have to look at it as often. Plus I really do want to use the paint up, I hate wasting stuff.


Since it’s so hot out, it dried pretty fast. Yay! Here it is in action!


That gives me a good foot and a half of counterspace back. Now I just need to put the dehydrator back where it belongs, and put this fruit away. The cooling rack actually goes in one of the drawers.

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