Entryway Redux

Well, I never did restain the entryway shelf. Instead I just repainted it. It took a can and a half of Rust-Oleum American Accents Ultra Cover Satin in espresso.  I finished it this morning and I think it looks pretty good for some scrap wood I threw together after working out a design in my head! I thought about restaining it but it just wasn’t going to work without a lot of sanding. I don’t want to do that by hand, so I just said eh, forget it. I’ll just paint it. I got some good instruction from Young House Love on how to do it, what not to do (although I didn’t wear shoes), and which kind of paint would work best.  I had a good helper too…


I had a hard time figuring out how to line up the bigger hooks until I remembered this pin from Pinterest, and decided to do a variation with waxed paper and a sharpie (all I had). It worked fine, obviously.

template closeup


Then I lined up the smaller hooks between the larger ones, and painted everything. I also filled in the holes from the temporary hooks I had in earlier because they just didn’t work for me aesthetically.

Looks nice, huh?

top hooks


Then I repainted the dings and scratches and bare spots I kept finding (and still do, although I’m not dragging it back outside to fix) and left it outside to dry.




And here it is in action!

complete in use



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