Catching Up

Well, we’re here and it’s great. Our house is really nice and we have enough room to put stuff so we aren’t living on top of everything we own at every moment.  Is our guest room still full of craziness and boxes and books? Well, yes. But our living room looks normal!




The drive to our house is really nice too.  It’s about five minutes to our door from the gate (either one) and it’s gorgeous, and it helps me wind down enough that I’m almost always in a decent mood when I get home from wherever.



I finally got the biopsy done on my foot. I am going for the follow-up next week before we leave for our trip to NC. So far I’m really impressed with my medical care here. I love my doctor here at the Academy, and the people at the hospital (University of Colorado at Denver) are super nice and seem to have their stuff together.

I spent the past week or so like this.

broke dick



We’re also trying to do more “prepping” activities. It’s not just for the end of the world scenario type stuff, you know.  There were a bunch of fires around where we live. Luckily we were unaffected, but we could have been stuck here, or we could have had to grab as much as we could and evacuated. This winter we may get snowed in. That means I can’t just run out to the store to get dinner. We started doing Bountiful Baskets again, and I bought my first pressure canner. The animals are afraid of it once it starts going.

smalls cooker


Smalls is just nervous that I’m going to can him.

Mom got us a dehydrator too, so before we leave for NC I plan on drying a lot of the stuff we have left over from our last Bountiful Baskets order (we pick it up tomorrow). We are splitting it with our friends Bell and Eric, the people who run the Mile High Bug Club. When we get back from NC we are going to do a bulk meat order from Andy’s Meat Market. I’m pretty excited about that! When our freezer is stocked with meat and I have a big selection of canned and dried fruit and vegetables to choose from, plus fresh produce from Bountiful Baskets periodically,  I won’t really need too much from the store other than condiments and dry goods.


Life is good.


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