Double Chocolate Float **repost from eatingelpaso**

Ken and I like shopping at World Market (or Cost Plus, which is what I call it for some reason, instead). He loves soda and they had a big display of different weird flavors. There were a bunch of colas, some fruity flavors (and one that was cucumber and DELICIOUS), and a chocolate soda. We got a bunch of them to try, and the one I most wanted to taste was the chocolate soda. It’s actually made back home in Colorado by the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (in Durango, specifically). It’s called Coco Fizz and you can get it for about a buck-fifty at World Market (here’s their page for it).

I’m going to borrow the World Market picture:

Not that impressive to look at.

I decided I wanted to make an ice cream float using this soda and chocolate ice cream.  I sent Ken off to the store (I would go myself but my ankle injury makes things difficult) and he chose Breyer’s chocolate.

It was FREAKING DELICIOUS.  It wasn’t too sweet or too chocolatey, it was just amazing and I want more! The only change I plan on making is using Talenti Mediterranean Mint gelato instead of chocolate ice cream. If that’s too much I might try their Tahitian Vanilla Bean instead. I really like their gelato. It’s not even close to Allegro in Tucson, but it’s the best ice creamy thing in the freezers in the grocery stores I’ve been to lately.

Have you tried any different sodas lately? What did you try? Did you like it?

I tried one of the small-brew root beers there called Bulldog Root Beer. It’s really good, it has a nice chocolate flavor so I bet it would also make a good float. One of the odder sodas I was surprised to find that I really, really liked was the cucumber soda we got on the same trip that we got the Coco Fizz.  I can’t find it on the World Market site. I will have to go back and get another bottle to research (and drink) because it was really delicious, and I’m not a soda person.

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