Arizona Trip 2013

Ken and I made one last trip to Arizona since we’re moving back to Colorado in a couple of months. 

We stopped for gas in Lordsburg on the first day.  The gas station was across the street from an ice cream shop that I wanted to visit (but we didn’t).



We pass the sign for The Thing? too, and I love The Thing? so here is a sign for it.


There was snow on the mountains at the border of New Mexico and Arizona.


Yay, Arizona!

First we went to Phoenix. While we were there, Ken did a first aid class for our hosts. Here he is showing how to do a pressure wrap on a thigh injury. Apparently twisting the ACE bandage tightens it up more, which is good for stopping wounds from bleeding.


My ankle improved but still looked super creepy. I mean- what is with the yellow??


We stayed there a couple of days. Ken went shooting with his friend and I mostly just stayed at the house, internetted, and kept my ankle elevated. Then we headed back down to Tucson. The drive down was nice.

Pretty, pretty Arizona. Look, a Saguaro!

There’s one place between Tucson and Phoenix where there are a bunch of weird cage things about 15 to 20 feet in the air. Some of my friends say it was an old parking lot and they’re where guards used to sit but how did they get up there?

Mount Picacho (or Pikachu, which is what I always say when I see it).

The Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch (obnoxious music at the link). One day we’ll stop there!


One of the first things we did in Tucson was to stop at Allegro for gelato. The saffron is my favorite, closely followed by the pineapple basil. It is SO amazing and delicious, I can’t even tell you! The saffron is on the right.

We stayed at an airbnb place. It was actually the most comfortable bed we’ve slept in, in all the airbnb experiences we’ve had. If you’re going to Tucson, this place is a good one! Here’s the view near the house.

That night we met a few of Ken’s friends for dinner. He worked with all of them at one point or another. I have met Aaron before but the others I didn’t know. It was still fun to meet them! The food was really good too. Unfortunately we were starving when the food finally came so I forgot to get pics. The restaurant was Zayna though. Go there!

The next day before we headed home, we went to a street taco place that Ken’s friend Aaron recommended. Tacos Apson. It was soooooo good! I kind of went nuts and got a bunch of different things. Ken only got 2 things. I’m just sad we didn’t know about this place sooner!

I got a caramelo, a taco Apson style, a taco Hass, and a cabeza taco. All of them were amazing but I was surprised to like the Apson the best. It had grilled mushrooms and oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. The cabeza, of course, was spectacular, and I think that’s my favorite thing to try to find. No pic of the cabeza though, sorry.


Ken got a carne asada and 2 barbacoa tacos.

On the way out of town we went back to Allegro for more gelato, and Ken had a cappuccino. The owner is actually Italian and from Italy so of course the cappuccino is good.

We also stopped at In-N-Out of course, but no pics. Until next time, Arizona. I’ll miss you!



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