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I broke my ankle so we’ve been trying to get the doctors at Beaumont to tell me the results of the MRI. We haven’t been successful so far but yesterday between trips to the DMV for a temporary handicapped placard and trips to Beaumont to find a doctor (LOLNO) we went to a coffee shop near our house. 


I’d been wanting Ken to try this place for a while but it seems to only be open on weekdays for lunch, and he’s usually at work. It’s in an old house in central El Paso and is a pretty tight fit inside. It’s decorated kind of like what I think my paternal grandmother would think is nice for a tea house (lacy, fake garland, fussy).

They didn’t  have a menu, they just tell you what’s for lunch when you walk up to the counter. I like that! Yesterday it was chicken salad, a ham sandwich, or a turkey pastrami pita panini. We both chose the panini and Ken got tea; I got ice water because it was hot in there and I have a giant boot thing on one leg.  We also got a slice of Ukranian cake. I don’t know if it has a name but it’s really good.

I have eaten there once before so I knew they brought soup too but I had forgotten. The soup this time, and last time, was bland. It was homemade, possibly even with homemade noodles (which were overcooked). It had fresh vegetables and herbs and with the addition of some seasoning it could have been really good. As it was, both times I’ve had it, it’s been kind of bland and uninteresting. The sandwiches, though, were delicious! So much so that I forgot to take a picture of mine, and ended up having to snag Ken’s plate before he ate his second half. I actually thought turkey pastrami sounded kind of like I didn’t want to eat it, but I decided what the hell. I’m glad, too! It had spinach, tomato, I think maybe some grilled onion and red pepper, and mushrooms in with cheese (provolone?) and the turkey pastrami. It was really tasty and I’d definitely get it again and recommend it to others.


Ken said he liked the tea, but that the teapot and cup were kind of awkward. He did like getting the whole pot though.  I didn’t look at the kinds of teas they had, sorry.

The cake was pretty much the best part of the meal for me. It was a close run though, because that panini was good! But the cake won out. It’s dense, not too sweet, and has bits of nuts and candied orange rind in it. I don’t know what the stuff is that looks like caramel but it doesn’t taste like caramel to me. I don’t care, because it is amazing, but don’t expect a caramel explosion if you get this. It’s soooo good! And despite all the stuff I said above, remember I also said it’s not overly sweet. It’s very nice.


There was a tableful of women and girls having a tea party of sorts when we got there. The little girls, probably around 8, were having tea with some ladies that were either sisters or close friends. This seems to be the place for that sort of thing; they have cake and tea and kids can feel like they’re being fancy by adding honey to their own pot of tea. I would have liked it if I were a kid!

Basically if you have some free time give this place a shot. Even if it’s just for some cake, you’ll be happy you stopped in. They also have outdoor seating for when it’s nice out, in a very pretty garden area out front. Parking can be difficult if you get there during a lunch rush. I’ve parked at the Big 8 and walked over  though, it’s not too far.


Caffe Fioretti Coffee and Tea House
3429 Montana Avenue
El Paso, TX 79903

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