Ankle Update

Well, not too much to say. I just want an excuse to use the witty caption I thought up for one of my pictures. 

I’ve been hobbling around on crutches and it’s hard and tiring and I basically hate it. It’s given me a new respect for people who have to deal with this regularly. The heels of my hands are sore, my armpits are sore, and my quads are getting a wicked workout. My left one because it’s the one I stand up with (without using my right leg at all), and my right one because it’s basically the main muscle I use to move my left leg.  So hopefully I’ll have quads of steel at the end of this.

Today we’re trying to get a handicapped placard for my truck so I don’t have to walk 2-4 blocks (uphill one way) to get to my classes. If I can find handicapped parking in the parking garage it will only be about half a block; otherwise I have to walk up a hill for 2 blocks to get there, and then down the hill for 2 blocks to get back. That’s just at one campus, and I have to go to 3. Only one campus is in a flat area.

We’re also going to go pick up a rental wheelchair so we can go to TUCSON TOMORROW!!! I am SO glad to get out of this city and hopefully forget, a little, about my troubles. Not having to see trash everywhere or breath in dust will do me good I think. I’m going to try to talk Ken into taking me to Ikea but I won’t push it too much; it’s hard enough to get him to do it when he doesn’t have to push me around in a wheelchair. At least I get to go to Trader Joe’s. I have to get some more tapenade, and some protein powder, and I want to get a couple of special prezzies for my friend Kelsey (and for my teammates because they were so awesome).

SO, look forward to a post about Arizona! And about my pregnancy with Schrödinger’s baby.


Now, here is my wittily captioned picture! See, the rooms in the Quick Care Center, or QCC, at the Army hospital have themes. I was in the “Bedrock Room” which was all dinosaurs.

Here you have clockwise from top left, a Brontosaurus; an Alosaurus, or something, I don’t know; a Velociraptor I think?; a Euoplocephalus; and finally, an Ankle-is-sore-us.  AHAHAHA ok whatever, it made me laugh when I was locked in that stupid room for 12 hours, OK?


Here’s some swelling in the hospital.

Here it is the second day. Nice bruising, huh? I could barely move my toes they were so fat.



I finally learned to do this myself. Nice, huh? Although technically this is a picture from when Ken did it. It looks mostly like this when I do it too though. SO WHAT IF I USE PICTURES OF STUFF AND SAY IT’S OTHER STUFF? It’s my blog, I do what I want!

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