What Will Lucky 13 Bring? **repost from eatingelpaso**

In a few hours it’ll be our anniversary. It’ll also be a new calendar year, yay! I’m looking forward to both.

This is our third anniversary. Traditionally this is the year we get leather. Coincidentally, I just spent a decent chunk of change on collars for our dogs, Liška, Smalls and Chuck.

The collars are from an amazing leatherworker I found on facebook somehow. Her facebook page is here- Sexy Beast Dog Collars. I also ordered some gorgeous ID tags on etsy, from The Mad Stampers shop. Take a look, they’re SUPER cute and pretty. Together they will make some pretty amazing collars for my amazing dogs. I know those aren’t really anniversary presents for each other, but I like them. I’ll figure something leathery to get him later, and I suppose tell him that it’s leather year so he can get me something appropriate.

2013 is going to be the year we go back home! We’re PCSing back to Colorado Springs. More precisely we’re PCSing to Fort Carson, CO, but that’s in Colorado Springs. It’s Ken’s birthplace and my chosen home. We cannot wait to get back. I’ll either keep this site or I’ll move it to my new venture there (name to be announced soon, haha).

2012 was full of a lot of firsts, and a lot of hard times.

It was a challenge integrating Chuck into the household; he’s the dog my husband rescued from Afghanistan. We just celebrated his “Gotcha Day” on December 28th. He’s been in our home (and the U.S.) for a year already! He’s a great addition and we are so thankful to everyone who helped us bring him home.


After we got Chuck, my friend Salem (of Gluten-Free in Germany) found a baby kitty in her yard! Her dogs wanted to eat the kitten so Sparkle Kitty Monkey Pox came to live with us.



I also got my husband back from our first deployment. That was truly an amazing and wonderful time.


Pretty much as soon as he got back, we went to Albuquerque and ran a 5k together! It was The Color Run, and I wrote a blog post about it here.



On the 14th of September I had to say goodbye to my dog Sagan. He ended up having some kind of neurological issues and we decided to have him  put down. I still miss him.


Then we got Liška, our Chihuahuan Dingo, and Smalls, our Sonoran Microschnauzer. If these sound made up, it’s because they are.

But look how cute he is!

Our time in El Paso is coming to an end. I am excited to go home. Before I leave, though, I will be finishing another semester at school. I’m working toward an Associates, and I plan on being a Physical Therapist Assistant. In March I’m going to be doing another 5k. This time it’s with a team of some of my friends. We’re running in the El Paso Dirty Girl. Some of the proceeds of this run go to benefit breast cancer research. There is still time to sign up so I hope to see some of you there!


What is 2013 bringing for you?

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