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I went back to Colorado over the weekend to meet my friend Beccah. She is moving from Michigan and wanted to explore to make sure she wanted to move THERE, and not…somewhere else. Wherever. She’s a free bird, man, she can go where she wants! I was hoping to make her want to move to Colorado.

First, though, Ken’s body decided to completely freak out and he ended up going to the ER at about 5 in the morning (after being up vomiting since midnight). He called his boss and asked him for a ride. Why didn’t he ask his wife? Because he knew I had class at 11, and then a trip, and didn’t want to keep me up any more than he did. He ended up getting admitted about 2 minutes before my class started, so I found my teacher, handed in my homework and took off to the hospital. Even though he looked (and felt) like crap he told me to go ahead and go on my trip, so I brought him his phone charger, Kindle, and some clothes and left him the truck so he could drive himself home when they released him. My lovely friend Kelsey picked me up from the hospital and gave me a ride to the airport. Thanks Kelsey!!

I have no clue what state this was.


We got there Friday night. It was kind of stormy over Denver so my flight took a little bit longer than we expected. Then I had to go pick up a vinegaroon for a friend doing a bug show the next day. Beccah also got some altitude sickness so she didn’t feel like roaming the landscape, and I was pretty tired. We just went to our hotel and called it a night.


The next morning was fun. I originally wanted to go to a French bakery, but got up late. Beccah grabbed some “cowboy coffee” and talked to the deer and the hotel owner for a few minutes while I called Kathy, my best friend. We ended up going to her place for breakfast, and then went to Bear Creek dog park.  First we went to see my beloved friend Maya though, who runs my favorite restaurant (Uchenna). We made arrangements to come to her place for dinner.


Then it was dog park time!


This is one of my favorite places in the ENTIRE WORLD. It helped me stay sane through a rough divorce. I kind of treat it like church.

I love these guys!

Beccah, Cima, and Cima’s mom, Kathy. And also a random dog sniffed Kathy’s butt. What’s up, dog?


After that I had a quick bellydance thing to go to. There was a worldwide flash mob and although we didn’t actually “flash mob”, we recorded ourselves dancing to the flashmob song and sent it along to the group to be added to the video. The guy who wrote the song said he’d mix and match the videos turned in and have them synced to the music, and I’m excited to see it! I danced with my first teacher, Barb, the director of Mizmar Madness, and my friend Val, the director of Bravo Bellydance.


After the ATS thing we drove around town a little bit. We went to Palmer Park, which is a giant park in the middle of the city.


We wound up hiking through the Garden of the Gods too. You should really google that, it’s amazing.

Look how huge this one is!


Someone kindly let their dog leave a present for Beccah to step on. None of us stepped in dog presents at the *dog park*, however.


I don’t know.


Then we met Kathy for some AMAZING Ethiopian food. We then headed into Manitou Springs for some mate because I wanted to show her the Mate Factor, a really neat little coffee shop run by a religious group there.  Unfortunately I forgot they were closed for the Sabbath, so we ended up going to a gluten-free crepe place instead. It was GREAT. On the way back there were some ducks, and Kathy and Beccah posed on them for me.


The next day we went to a really neat restaurant called Adam’s Mountain Café. They have GREAT breakfast there. Mine was beautiful!

This is called the Runner’s Breakfast, and is carbalicious.

I didn’t run anywhere.


Then we wandered around Manitou during the day. Beccah tried some of the springs that gave Manitou its name.

Here she is in front of the spring that’s in the building that Adam’s is in.


The Penny Arcade is just outside Adam’s, and they also have a spring.


Here she is trying the water from the Navajo spring. Looks delicious, huh? There’s a spring near the road where we saw a guy filling up 2-liter bottles and jugs. Apparently it’s somewhat sweet, and good for lemonade. I’ve had lemonade from a spring in Manitou and it was good, so…I’d do it.


There was also some urban crocheting…

…and a wizard.


Finally we visited Kathy one more time. She was kind enough to drive us up Gold Camp, which has some really beautiful views. We got out to take pics in front of Helen Hunt Falls even though Kathy didn’t feel that great. Thank you Kathy! I love you :)


Then we headed up to Denver. We stayed with a nice lady that Beccah found on airbnb.

There was a shuffleboard tiled into the floor in my room!


We were pretty tired so we went out and grabbed some pho and made it an early night.

The next morning we went to Boulder. I wanted to go to Lush for some thank-you gifts. I grabbed stuff for Kelsey because she is always such a good friend, and for my Guy’s boss for helping take care of the dogs while I was gone (because my Guy was STILL in the hospital!!). I got him a lovely, spicy massage bar, and a fizzy, smellygood bath bomb for his wife.  Sadly the candy store I loved is gone.

Beccah had fun visiting this beaver. Look how pretty the aspens were!


Boulder was our last stop. We had an adventurous time trying to find gas near the airport so I could fill up the rental car, but we ended up with just enough time to sit and get our breath back for a few minutes before our planes started boarding. We even left from the same terminal! It was SO AWESOME to finally get to hang out with Beccah.  Love you gurl!


Aloha man! See you in CO soon…


Ken got released from the hospital a couple of hours before I got home. SO glad to have him home!

He’s pretty much fine, by the way. They think he had a bad stomach virus that combined with his sinus infection to just give him a really hard time.


The dogs were glad to see me, too. Even Eugene “Scraggly” Burrahobbit Took, aka “Smalls,” was happy to see me, despite my giving him a bath and a haircut.


See how dapper he looks!


Wonder what my next trip will be!

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