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So I am getting ready to teach my first ATS class (explanation here) and I didn’t want to quit to fix dinner. Ken stepped up and did it instead, with a few pointers from me. He’s got sarcoidosis so he is trying the Paleo diet to see if it improves his inflammation issues.  A very basic explanation of Paleo is restricting yourself to meat and vegetables, and no dairy, legumes, or grains, and you can learn more at Robb Wolf’s blog.  Tonight he made veggie beef.



1 pound lean ground beef (we ground our own)

1 onion, diced

2 Tbs tomato paste

1 Tbs olive oil

2-3 cloves garlic, crushed

2-3 cups chopped kale (raw)

4 carrots, peeled and chopped into coins

2 Tbs apple cider vinegar

½ to 1 Tbs Dijon mustard

½ tsp Torani bacon syrup (non-paleo but we’re trying to use it up)

½ cup beef broth

2 Tbs apple lingonberry vinegar from Ikea


We steamed the carrots because they take longer to cook than the rest of the food. So do that first.

Cook the onion and the garlic in the olive oil until the onion is soft. Once that softens up, add the kale and the cider vinegar. When the kale is well-wilted, add everything but the carrots and beef broth. When the beef is browned and completely cooked, add the beef broth and steamed carrots and cook for about five more minutes.


It’s not the prettiest plate in the world, but it tasted great.


It was good! We finished it with some homemade sriracha that our friend Jim Downey made this year. He was kind enough to send us some for Ken’s birthday.

It’s pretty.


Look, this year’s batch! Made with habaneros he grew himself. He is a pretty neat guy, you should go take a look. Among other things he’s an author and he’s working on a prequel to his first book, Communion of Dreams. Give his Kickstarter a look-see, maybe send him a couple bucks. He’s a good guy. Thanks for the eats, Jim!



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