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Since we live in a desert, it’s hard to find decent vegetables. Even if you pay a lot, it’s hard to find them. When I first moved here I looked for a CSA with no luck. I did find Bountiful Baskets, but there was no site here in El Paso at that time. About a month ago I found out that we have one now! I got my first “box” and added an extra-they have weekly add-ons that are themed. This time it was Asian, and we got a HUGE head of Chinese cabbage and a giant bok choi. The bok choi went into stirfry but you can really only eat so much cabbage stirfry. SO! I tried my hand at making kimchi, instead. Everything but the pepper paste, vinegar, and fish sauce came from my vegetable box.


1/3 cup fish sauce

1 large head chinese cabbage

2-3 Tbs Korean pepper paste

most of a head of garlic

3-4 green onions

2 Tbs apple cider vinegar

1-2″ square piece of ginger, minced

rubber gloves


You can get the pepper paste at just about any Asian market. I found it at the commissary.

I have no clue what this says.

I looked at several recipes and picked out different bits to make this one; either they were too complicated, or involved shrimp, or had too many ingredients.  This one fits me, my available ingredients, and my effort level.

First I chopped the ends off the cabbage and rinsed each leaf, and let them dry in the colander. This was a BIG head of cabbage, and it made a LOT of leaves!


Then I took one of the heads of garlic I got from my box and minced it up really well. Normally I cheat and use jarred garlic, because I can’t ever find fresh garlic that isn’t already sprouting. This stuff was beautiful and white all the way through, and smelled AMAZING as I was chopping it.


I did kind of a rough chop of the onions and minced the ginger and then added them, along with the other ingredients, to a smallish bowl.

It looked kind of scary.


This next part actually took 2 large bowls because I had so much cabbage. Put a layer of cabbage (only a leaf or two) on the bottom of the bowl and add a little of the sauce mix. Continue to layer leaves and sauce until everything is used up.

The recipes I looked at said stuff about bruising the cabbage if you’re too aggressive with the mixing, but I just dug in there and flipped it all around so it was well-mixed. Here are my cabbage leaves fully coated.


Once it’s all coated and you’re happy with it, put that stuff into jars!

I put them in my fridge for about a month and a half. Ken just tried some and says it’s pretty good!


If you’re interested in finding out more about Bountiful Baskets, or want to know if there’s a Bountiful Basket site near you, visit their website here, or their facebook page here.



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