I ran a 5k! **repost from eatingelpaso**

I wanted this to be the year I started being more active. Or being active *again*. So, one payday before I could really talk myself out of it, I signed Ken and myself up for the 5k Color Run (this one was in Albuquerque but they happen all over the world).

Here’s how The Color Run defines itself:

What is The Color Run™?
The Color Run™ is a unique experience focused less on speed and more on crazy color fun with friends and family. Color runners come from all different ages, shapes, sizes, and speeds; but everyone toeing the start line has a blast. Whether you are a casual morning mall walker or an Olympic athlete, the 3 miles of The Color Run™ course will be the most memorable and colorful run of your life!

I sort of tried to prepare, kind of. I went to the gym once in a while. I walked sometimes. Mostly I didn’t do anything though, I just thought “Hmmm…I have that 5k coming up soon. I should really do a Couch to 5k or something before that happens.” So, the night before the run I was awake in our room in Albuquerque, fretting. What if I passed out? What if I was dead last? We should go really early so I can get in an early heat; at least that way I won’t be the last to cross the finish line.” Eventually I fell asleep.

When I woke up I felt pretty crappy, early mornings and little sleep make my guts do bad things. I whined a little bit about it, hoping Ken would say “Oh you feel bad? Maybe you should sit it out.” NOPE. He gave me sympathy but didn’t even ONCE offer any sort of get out of jail card.

Here I am feeling sorry for myself.


I’m glad he didn’t let me wimp out, too, because I ended up having a LOT of fun. He was running for time, so he didn’t run with me. I ended up running on my own. I half-heartedly started jogging at the start. We were the fourth or fifth heat I think, out of maybe 12? I don’t know, they were still letting people go when I was almost at the finish line. It could have been 20, I have no idea. Anyway, the first color station seemed to pop up really fast and man was it fun!
Here’s my first view of color.


After that I was super motivated. I ran most of the way, although I did walk some of it. Mostly I walked when the sun was beating on me, and then I’d run when I got to shade, and then I’d decide to run until I got to the next color point (or that shade over there…no, when I pass that chick in the tutu…no, when I pass that 7 year old I can walk…no, when I get to…). I remember running next to an older lady, probably in her 50s, who was a bit bigger than I am. She was pushing hard and running and I ran next to her for a few minutes. We glanced at each other and both grinned, gave each other thumbs up, and then I went on ahead.


When I walked I’d take pictures, because the Color Run facebook page asked us to.


I FINALLY FINISHED! Ken came back to run the end with me, which I was really happy about. I didn’t talk much but he gave me water, which was great. We forgot our extra color packets so we didn’t really get into the color party afterward (plus I felt terrible because I was dehydrated) so I only have a few pictures of the party after the run.


We made it!


I was in Dollar Tree a couple of weeks before we did the run and I found these things. SCORE. I am a planner, what can I say?

Anyway, it saved the car seats. I can’t WAIT for our next one! It’s in Phoenix in January. When is one happening near you?


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