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This past weekend I went to Santa Fe for a bellydance workshop. The people teaching the workshop were in Unmata, which is my favorite bellydance troupe. Amy Sigil is the creator of Unmata and of Hot Pot, her dance studio. If you ever get a chance to go see Unmata perform, or to take their classes (they’re out of Sacramento) or to hear her speak, you should definitely go. 

I have school Monday through Friday so I drove up really early Saturday morning. My first workshop was one where Amy gave us ideas on how to build a move or a combo. It was really informative and helpful, although I felt sort of nuts trying to keep up. I haven’t danced at all in a few months, much less gone balls-out fast like Unmata does. Still, I’m proud to say that I *think* I got the footwork down, and I know I can do the arms. It was really helpful because she explained about how you can build the combo by putting different counts over each other (2 1-counts, 1 2-count, and 1 4-count arms/body move can all go over an 8-count footwork move, for example). This is useful to me because I really need to start counting moves instead of just listening to the music and “feeling” the measures.

The show Saturday night was amazing. I saw some really beautiful and interesting dancing. No pics though, sorry. Then Sunday was the workshop I was really looking forward to: Sigil School.
The first hour of Sigil School was Amy running the class like she does Hot Pot back home. This was to show us (by doing it) the different sequences. Then in the second hour she actually went over her teaching format and principles.
It really helped me figure out how I wanted to teach. Over this past week some exciting things have been happening in the El Paso dance scene. A new dance studio is opening, and it’s a co-op. I don’t have all the details but I decided, with encouragement from dancers here and from my teachers back home in Colorado, to go ahead and start teaching ATS here (and now). I hope to make enough money to cover the room rental at the co-op, and then have enough left over to put into my certification fund for my ATS certification next year with FatChanceBellyDance.  You can learn more about the studio here: World Fusions Dance Studio.

Here are the very few pictures I took this weekend:


Amy Sigil. Amazing.


Frank Farinaro, a super sweet dancer from Colorado Springs. He’s famous now, y’all.


Mountains outside Belen, NM


Sunset near Truth or Consequences, NM.


The last 2 pics are from the car as I was driving home yesterday; I had class this morning.


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