So this happened…

We were feeding snakes tonight. Ken had gotten the male Baron’s Racer out of the tank and fed him in the feeding bin, and he was getting ready to feed the female. He moved the hide box out of the way and she was just sitting there looking at us. He said “Don’t bite me little snakie…” and reached in to pick her up and she LATCHED ONTO HIS HAND and he screamed “AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” and I sort of stood there while he pulled his hand out with this snake latched onto it. I started laughing REALLY HARD because well, it was hilarious. I was out in the hallway bent over laughing and finally asked if he needed help. He said “YES! Help me get her off before she envenomates me!!” so I walked in and grabbed some tongs because honestly I didn’t know what else to do, and then she let go of him. He handed her to me and I know she’s fine once she’s out of the tank, so I held her and picked up the male (who almost never offers to bite even when he’s hungry) and put him back into the tank, and put the female down and fed her to distract her. Then we looked at Ken’s hand and took this picture. Since it’s been a few hours and Ken’s hand/arm isn’t swollen to his shoulder (or at all) we’re pretty sure it was a dry bite.

Moral of the story: Baron’s Racers may act like puppies in the tank and come over to the door to see what you’re doing, but they also act like puppies in that if you smell like snacks when you reach for them, they might grab your hand with their teeth.

They do eventually let go.

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