I’m about to complain about Yelpers and restaurants. OK. First thing that bugs me-people who complain about the serving size,and that they can get more for their money if they go to Golden Corral or some Chinese buffet. I Yelp. I think it’s a fun site and I find it useful. I have seen reviews that complain about paying X dollars and only getting one plate, or something of that nature, at my friend’s restaurant. The thing is, my friend Maya doesn’t shop at Costco or get stuff from Sysco or Walmart. She goes to farmers around Colorado Springs and picks most of the produce and meat each week. She knows her producers, and she and her family make the injera herself. Know what? I’m willing to pay more for that kind of food, rather than shell out five bucks for all-I-can-eat plates of hormone-laden chicken from questionable places, and fries packed with creepy ingredients I can’t pronounce. Yeah, I can eat all I want, but I probably shouldn’t. Quantity is NOT always better than quality, people. Do you really need 4 plates of fried chicken and crab legs and potato salad and a piece of pie and some ice cream and a baked potato and oh maybe some rolls and…



Number two: restaurants who have admittedly bad things, who may also have a couple good things. I reviewed a pizza joint that had a buffet. I got the buffet. It was bad, and I said so, and other reviewers scoffed because I should know better than to order buffet. Here’s the thing though-if you know the buffet is bad, DON’T HAVE IT. If you have great pizza made to order, JUST DO THAT. I saw a review for a place here in El Paso that said not to order the fish, because well, there’s no water around here and we should expect it to be bad. How about just don’t serve fish unless you can do it well? It just strikes me as stupid to expect anything else.



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