Summer Rolls (Mexican) **repost from eatingelpaso**

I’m procrastinating about studying for a test on cells, so of course that makes it a great day to make a complicated lunch for myself! I made Mexican summer rolls. It’s basically the same as Greek ones, just changing the ingredients a bit.


Rice paper wrappers
cellophane noodles
roasted bell peppers
grilled chicken
lime juice
cotija cheese
pickled onions (recipe here)
cilantro (I didn’t actually have it but you should put it in here because yom)

Optional: I also added a bag of Mexican vegetable blend. It had corn, black beans, onions, some kind of peppers, and cilantro. You could also add sour cream, salsa, taco sauce, whatever.
I diced everything but the noodles/wrappers, the avocado, and the lettuce. I am planning on bringing these to school with me to share because one of the girls in class mentioned that I always bring “such interesting food,” so I want them to hold up and lettuce is stronger than the wrappers. The avocado is just too soft to bother with.

Basically you just do the same thing as in the Greek summer roll post, only with these ingredients. I also decided to roast the peppers as I was grilling the chicken. It’s super easy, if you have access to fire.

Just throw the cored peppers onto the grill with your other food, skin-side down. When it blisters up, put them in a paper bag for a few minutes to steam the skin loose.

Then peel them. Easy peasy!

I also rinse mine because scorched bits are gross, and also cancer.

Then you just put everything on the soaked wrapper and roll it up!

I sliced them before chowing down this time, so you can see how nice they look. They could be more tightly rolled, yes, but I’m not an expert. I just like fiddling around in my kitchen. If you want expertly rolled summer rolls either come back in a year or go to a Vietnamese restaurant. I ate them with lime juice with a little Sriracha in it.


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