Summer Rolls (Greek) **repost from eatingelpaso**

I love rolls. Summer rolls, Spring rolls, whatever. I just like them. I don’t just like Asian food though so I put other stuff in them. Today I made Greek ones.


rice paper wrappers
cellophane rice noodles
grilled chicken
Quick Tzaziki sauce
plain yogurt
Mediterranean spice mix

Boiling water for the noodles, plus a pan of hot water for the wrappers

Balsamic vinegar for dipping if you like

Before anyone starts freaking out about that being authentic tzaziki, it’s obviously not too authentic since I’m eating it with a Summer roll. It’s ok, I know what real tzaziki is, and I don’t think this is it. It tastes nice though.

OK! You want to do the prep work first. I diced everything pretty small because it irritates me to bite into a roll and have half the stuff come sliding out in the first bite because it’s in giant hunks in there. If I’d thought I would have even chopped up the noodles with scissors, but I didn’t think about it. Boil the noodles until they’re soft and then rinse them in cold water so they stop cooking, then drain them and put them aside. You can run scissors through them a couple of times to get them somewhat easier to handle if you like.

When you dice your tomatoes you should drain them a little bit so they don’t make the rolls soggy.


Arrange your ingredients around the place where you’re going to do the rolling, so you don’t have to be wandering around the kitchen. The rice paper doesn’t have to be right there but it’s easier if everything else is.

Just dip the rice paper into the water for about 20 seconds, you don’t want it to get too soft and it will get softer as you fill it. Lay it flat on your rolling surface (I used a cutting board).


Pile up the stuff you want on there. Don’t make it too huge a pile, if you use a lot it is hard to roll tightly and then when you bite it everything falls out and makes a big mess.


Roll them up! I flip the side closest to me first, then fold in the sides, and then roll it towards the top of the cutting board. Here they are in my new bento kit!


Tzaziki Sauce

I just guessed at amounts, I didn’t want to dirty up another dish since these take so many anyway. I used about a tablespoon of diced cucumber, a tablespoon of yogurt (you can use Greek but this is just regular old Dannon nonfat), about a quarter teaspoon of crushed garlic, about a teaspoon of crumbled feta, a sprinkle of salt, and some Mediterranean spice blend. It was kind of hard to mix in that tiny container; I felt like I was cooking for Borrowers.


Tonight’s dinner: 2 Greek Summer rolls, some tzaziki, some blackberry balsamic vinegar, some yogurt, and some protein powder to put into the yogurt.

Lunch! They were delicious.

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