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So I was fiddling around on facebook this morning when my friend John posted a group of pictures by someone who had baked cookies in their car. I said I might try it and then decided what the heck? It’s payday and hot and I skipped school today (shush), so I went to the commissary and got some groceries. I figured not only would I bake cookies, I’d cook part of my dinner in there too!

Here’s a list of what I put in my hot car for several hours:

3 carrots, peeled and sliced kind of thinly
3 red potatoes, sliced thinly
1 red bell pepper cut into chunks
olive oil (maybe 1/4 cup? idk)
balsamic vinegar (maybe 1/4)
Mrs. Dash garlic not-salt seasoning
tsp crushed garlic
tsp dijon mustard

Plus some pre-made cookie dough because I don’t want to do dishes of any sort.


At 11:15 I got home from the store. I arranged my sun shades. I have more than 1 because I’m a flake and lost one in the folded-over seat, then bought one at the dollar store, then bought another “nice” one to replace the dollar store one, then found my old one and now I use it because the “nice” one is too big for my windshield. Anyway, the dollar store one is on the dash itself, like a tablecloth. Then I have the one that fits well at a 90 degree angle to the dash. The steering wheel and the visor held the left end up, and then I pulled the right side into the passenger side door so that held the right side up. Then I put my cooking thermometer on the dash and went inside to wait for it to heat up.

I went out at 11:25 to check it and it was at 151 degrees.

This is basically why you DON’T LEAVE CHILDREN OR ANIMALS (or chocolate) IN THE CAR. EVER.

I also decided to spraypaint a piece of cardboard black so I could put it under the vegetables; since the cooking bag is clear, the black cardboard should absorb more heat at that point. Or something. When I went to put the cardboard in the truck, the thermometer had gotten too hot and stopped working. I stuck it in the freezer for a few minutes and it went back to normal. I kept it on the outside of the truck from then on. Since it was magnetised I just stuck it on the front quarter panel or whatever it is.

Then I went in to hang out until 1, when I figured the heat would have built up a decent amount. I prepped the vegetables. While I was doing that I realized that I had somehow lost my sweet potato. I still don’t know where the stupid thing went; I just added more carrots.

I stuck the vegetables in first at 12:40, because they’re denser. I put the thermometer probe under the bag and it read 75 when I shut the truck.

The cookies went in at 1:30, and the temperature had gone up to 115.

I checked the cookies at 2:25 and the temperature was at 144; the cookies looked good!

The thermometer didn’t; I put a white towel over it. See the black part at the bottom? That’s because it’s like 850 billion degrees outside.  The crystal cleared back up once the towel was on it.

At 4:00 I noticed it was getting cloudy so I checked on the cookies; they looked done! YUM.

Not much browning but they were the perfect texture while they were warm; crisp outside and chewy, soft center. They crisped up more as they cooled though; maybe I’ll go an hour or 30 minutes fewer next time.

At 5:00 it started thundering and got windy so I went out to get the vegetables. They weren’t quite done. No rain in months and Colorado is literally dying for it, and the ONE day I decide to try cooking in the truck it clouds over. JERK.

The vegetables were a little underdone, but they still tasted good!

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