Fast Food Desserts **repost from eatingelpaso**

So I’m trying to kill time during the last while before Ken comes back and out of desperation I turned to fast food. McDonald’s has a s’mores pie that I discovered by accident (I was looking up the nutritional info to see if I could afford the calories for a hot fudge sundae), and Burger King has some kind of bacon sundae. I tried them both over the past few days. I also had McDonald’s make me a hot fudge/hot caramel sundae and it was amazing.

So here’s the bacon sundae from Burger King. It’s supposed to be a strip of “crumbled” bacon and a strip of bacon for a pretty. I’m reasonably sure I only got one strip of bacon and they didn’t give me the full cup like their website advertises, but whatever. It was near closing and it wasn’t even a real BK, it was the “stall” in the PX food court. The employee didn’t even know if they had it, first of all, and then had to go ask how to make it. The ice cream was OK, a little grainier than I expected and I couldn’t really taste the caramel. You can see that the syrup is mostly down in the bottom and not on the top, and the bacon was just the stuff they pulled out of the bacon bin. It is better quality bacon than when I worked for BK many many years ago, but it still isn’t really very good bacon. It had a weird fake smoke taste that I didn’t like, and the texture was gross. There was only one bite where I got a glimmer of how good this could be if made right, and now I have a plan to do so at home, but mostly it was just a sundae with some gross fake bacon tasting chewy stuff in it. I won’t get another one.


The McDonald’s sundae that I asked for, on the other hand, was GREAT. It was super hot that day so it’s kind of melted but it has caramel and hot fudge, and they even asked which one I wanted on the top or bottom (I told her to surprise me and she did both on top AND bottom, so YAY McDonald’s girl!). The ice cream is nice and creamy and the caramel is salty sweet and awesome. I will definitely get this again even if they charge me extra for it (they didn’t this time).


The s’mores pie. This thing is AWESOME. I mean, for a fast food thing that’s under a buck. It’s no profiterole or eclair or anything, but it’s still pretty damned good for a dollar pie from McDonald’s. It’s so good I went and got another tonight just so I could get good pics and then EAT IT.

The crust is pretty good if they don’t burn it. The graham flavor isn’t pronounced but it’s there. The marshmallow is just like the marshmallow ribbon you get in ice cream sometimes, and less like marshmallow fluff. It’s kind of like if you left marshmallow fluff out for a while so it stiffened up a little bit (not that I’ve done that of course) but it doesn’t really have any toasted notes to it, it’s just marshmallow. The chocolate part is not at all like a Hershey bar or chocolate syrup, it’s more like those chocolate molten cake things you can get at Domino’s if you put it in the fridge and then the middle is doughy/puddingey yumtime? Yeah, like that.

All in all I LOVE this freaking pie, and I really like the McDonald’s sundae. The Burger King bacon sundae was gross but I’m going to make my own version when Ken comes home, using high-end ice cream (or maybe gelato). I’ll probably buy some good caramel sauce because I’m bad with cooking sugar, I’ll find some nice hot fudge sauce, and I’ll candy some bacon myself. I think it’ll be amazing. Maybe I’ll even do a salted caramel if I can find a recipe, who knows. Caramel scares me.

Anyway, I recommend the McDonald’s dessert menu but I think the BK one kind of sucks.

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