Day 28. 4 weeks.

Well, it’s been 4 weeks. Generally speaking, the first month is gone. ┬áIt’s weird to think about. A month seems really long but it doesn’t seem like you’ve been gone that long, but it seems like forever until you come back.

Today the maintenance people turned off the swamp cooler and turned on the furnace. Just in time, I guess, as a cold front is supposed to move in tonight. It does actually feel kinda cool I suppose. It also rained. This picture was taken while the maintenance guy vacuumed out the furnace vent. He was pretty freaked out. He handled it well enough once I got him on leash. I obviously need to work on his behavior when people come into the house; I will not tolerate the leaping around and bouncing off people that he does. He WILL learn to keep all his feet on the floor at all times unless invited.


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