Day 25. Things!

I did a lot today! I got to talk to you for a while and that was GREAT. Then I wandered around town with Salem and did fun things (went to Savers to look at costumes and/or stuff we could turn into performance gear, ate Vietnamese at Saigon Taste, went to Spirit of Halloween and was overwhelmed and overstimulated and glad to leave). ¬†She came over and saw the house and the animals and it was fun. She seemed to enjoy Sagan, although he was kind of a heathen asshole. Then we went to Soto and DANCED! And another girl came, it was SO FUN! This is such a different experience than the other class we were going to. This isn’t a class, officially, we just get together and show each other stuff and talk about I guess dance and music theory, maybe? I don’t even know. Anyway, both Salem and Anna know how to read music so they talked to each other in that language, which was SO NEAT TO WATCH! I kind of wish I could do it so I could tell people how the (incorrectly named) 3/4 shimmy works better than I can now. I guess technically I could repeat the words she said, but I don’t quite know what they mean in reality.

After 2 hours (!) of dance, I couldn’t hack standing any more so we split up and went our separate ways. I took some pics driving home because the sunset was pretty. I wish I had gotten a better shot about 2 minutes prior to these, there were way more oranges and reds. Not nearly as pretty as the stark contrast of the Peak against the sky back home, but pretty enough.

It’s been a good day.

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