Update on sending care packages!!

Ken called me this morning and said that if you don’t send whatever it is you’re sending in the next 6 weeks, he may not get the package (or ANYTHING, including letters) until after winter is over.

They’re apparently really secluded and Out There, so they may not be able to get anything in or out once winter hits.


My thought is to write a bunch of letters and seal them, and write dates on them. Same for cards (like Christmas cards) and any little Christmas present you might send him.

Bottom line: if you send anything after Thanksgiving, be prepared for him to not see it until March. And since that means sitting in a warehouse on a FOB in a deteriorating country, he may never see it at ALL, so no expensive stuff and nothing you don’t mind losing (no one-of-a-kind pictures or anything).


Let me know if you want his address, I don’t remember who I’ve given it to.

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