Day 2. I love you!

Well, I got to hear his voice today! He called on Skype. He said that he couldn’t hear me on the regular earphone part of the phone but he could hear me fine on speakerphone. And so could everyone else.  My modem and his net connection were pretty spotty so we only got to talk for a little while but it was just what I needed to start the day off with a burst of positivity.  I originally planned to go to Pro’s Ranch Market, a Mexican grocery that has really awesome produce specials on Thursdays. I decided not to though, to conserve gas. I the majority of my shopping at the commissary instead. Then my friend Hallie texted me the recipe she tried for pho, so I started looking for ingredients for that. It was really frustrating! I ended up going to two Asian markets and two Mexican stores and still didn’t find everything I was looking for.  I’m missing cardamom. I may actually have some in my spice box in the cabinet but it’s still frustrating. I also can’t find Thai basil; I’m going to try one more Asian store (I think it’s the biggest one in town but I haven’t been there yet) and if they don’t have it, I’m calling the Vietnamese restaurants. I decided I’m DEFINITELY planting an herb garden. I want Thai basil, mint, regular basil, and cilantro. Those are the things I use the most. I’ll probably get some special flavor of mint just for interest.

Today is my first day of changing my lifestyle. I have a big box of food to give our nephew tomorrow, and dinner tonight is roasted vegetables with tomato sauce, sriracha, and parmesan.  I couldn’t find parsnips though, which makes me sad. I love roasted parsnips! I know the picture isn’t that great, but it sure tastes good. I’m eating it as I type this entry.




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