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Want to know what you can send Ken? Here’s a list. Remember he has VERY LIMITED SPACE, so don’t go crazy at Costco and buy 9000 of something and send it to him all at once.  Just send ONE. One pack of razorblades, one box of cookies (actually if they come in sleeves, just one sleeve), half a box of ziplocs, a small pack of Twizzlers. JUST ONE, or he’ll end up giving it away or throwing it out because he won’t have room to keep it all. Feel free to comment here so people can keep track of what they’re sending him; if we all send razorblades next month, that kind of defeats the purpose of this post-getting him stuff he can use.

NOW! On with the list!


Ken’s wishlist is here.  If you have the option to buy something for the Kindle do that; he doesn’t have room for books downrange.


Mach 3 replacement blades

Burt’s Bees shaving cream in the tube (not aerosol)

candy that won’t melt (Starburst, Hi-Chew, Jolly Ranchers, Twizzlers, etc)

Poptarts (pretty much any kind with fruit)

If you can find single servings of  Sriracha, that would be awesome!

foil single-serve packs of tuna (flavored is ok)

Indian food

dried chili mango slices

single-serve drink mixes (the kind that go in one bottle of water)

Ricola cough drops (cherry honey, or honey lemon/orange spice with echinacea)

tea bags (not Lipton; neat kinds, like blueberry green tea or something, and it needs to be individually wrapped so you can send a couple at a time)



SD cards with pictures or music or other types of media (movies/TV shows)

bug repellent (non-aerosol)

beef jerky (flavored is fine; if you can find someone to make special kinds, all the better)



Things to NOT send (unless he asks you specifically for it):



anything in an aerosol container




Let me know if you need his address.




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