Day 1

It doesn’t seem real yet. Yesterday we lay in bed for a while, then got up to take care of the final bits of things we forgot or procrastinated. Now he’s over the Atlantic Ocean.  I slept badly, dreaming of trouble (my phone drowned so I put it in a bag of rice, and then Ken texted me for real, and in the dream I was SO relieved the rice trick worked!). It’s strange for my phone to be this quiet for this long; we usually text often throughout the day. Shel’s filling the space a little bit. Other friends are offering their phones too.  I went out to storage and got our DVDs; now I have House and Buffy and the X-Files to keep me company (along with Netflix and Hulu of course).  Cleaned the house a little, ate a banana popsicle (the kind Ken hates).  It feels like I’m waiting for something to happen. I guess I am; I’m waiting for this to feel real.

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Nice Monday