I’m going to be doing lots of THINGS while Ken’s gone. I have fitness goals, culinary goals, reading goals, education goals, household goals…all kinds of stuff.


I’m building our bed in 3 weeks. It’s going to be a loft bed about 4 feet high, and a dresser will go under the foot, and then there’s going to be a bar on each side underneath for us to hang clothes from. We’ll basically be sleeping on a giant closet. I’m excited. And it’ll be less than $150! We bought a shoddy little $100 mattress fr0m some “clearance warehouse” here to put on it. I’ll sleep on that until Ken comes back, then I’ll buy a GOOD mattress.

Another thing that will happen RIGHT before he gets back: the living room will look like grownups live here! Most of the pricier stuff won’t happen until right before he gets here. The sofa and rug, for example, because the rug will look dumb by itself, and the sofa because I don’t want it messed up until he gets to sit in it and HELP me and the animals ruin it.  haha.  But I’m also going to FINALLY get the books back in here out of the garage, and build a sleek new minimalist TV stand.  Yeah, build. I love doing stuff myself.

Fitness-wise, I’m going to do one race a month (no more than a 5k, and I won’t be running because of my feet), plus go to the gym daily. I plan on doing the Muddy Buddy next year if I can get up there between school.

Culinary: Yay! I am going to try REALLY HARD to learn phở. I learned Vietnamese summer rolls (gỏi cuốn) this year, I found a recipe for fishwater (the clear stuff they dip summer rolls in), which means I can probably attempt bun, but now? Gotta get the phở. I also want to learn to make polenta, both creamy and fried, and risotto. I want to try different foods too.  I haven’t had Brazilian yet, and there’s a Brazilian steakhouse down the road a bit. I know that’s not likely to be super authentic, but still. The sides will probably be different. I also want to perfect Thomas Keller’s roast chicken, Bourdain’s boeuf bourguignon, and to grill the perfect medium steak. That’ll be fun experimenting, haha. I want to learn to cook great things for my husband’s return!

As far as reading goes, I guess I want to read a bunch of classics. I know I’ll reread Harry Potter, that’s just something I can do to keep my brain occupied. Probably the Kushiel series too. I’m so excited about bringing my books into the house!

Education-wise I am going to try really hard to bone up on algebra. I have a lot of math fear, probably bordering on an actual phobia (I literally cry sometimes in class because I am afraid of doing it wrong or something, I don’t know).  Anyway, I will need algebra and physics in this Physical Therapy Assistant course, and they are the first classes I’ll have. I know I need to get that stuff down pat.


And that’s about it for me, I guess! I will also be posting on this every day while Ken’s away. At the very least, I will post 5 things I’m thankful for that day, and a random picture taken the same day.

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