Frost Your Bathroom Window

If you are like us, you end up in older houses when you rent. That’s mostly OK, but it seems like people always put blinds (or even curtains once) in the tub because...

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Spicy Asian Turkey Lettuce Wrap

This is the second time I made these and tonight we decided we like them better than the chicken ones at Pei Wei, which they’re based on.  They’re not hard to make and...

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Yes, again. However! This is the last rental move we will be making. The next time we move we will be moving into our house, that we OWN.  I’m so pumped about that....

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Make this easy multi-chain necklace in just 30 minutes!

You can make this interesting and pretty necklace in under an hour! You just need some inexpensive, easy to find supplies,  two pairs of pliers, and a little time and patience.

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gif Time!

Probably don’t click past this if your wifi sucks or you don’t have a good signal. 

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Hospitals and Other Doctory Things

Well, this has been a month of doctors and hospitalizations and surgeries. Not the month of April, but the past 30 days.  

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Not a toy


DON’T CLICK THIS UNLESS YOU WANT TO SEE A TARANTULA. The magnet pic is just so it doesn’t automatically show it to you. This is Argiope. That’s her name (and the name of...

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Easy and (relatively) Quick Bread

I love bread. I especially love fresh-baked bread. I have no bread machine though, and I thought kneading was complicated and I was afraid of it. I bought some yeast when we first...

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“Holy Shit This Fudge Is Amazing” Fudge Recipe

We don’t really celebrate Christmas. I do giftmas, with a small G, because I like presents and good food, but it’s between November and February and you basically do whatever you want and...

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What’s the Bzz? Kroger Skillet Meals

I know you already know I am a BzzAgent. That means I get to try products for free, or at a reduced price, in exchange for talking about it to other people. Or...

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