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Hospitals and Other Doctory Things

Well, this has been a month of doctors and hospitalizations and surgeries. Not the month of April, but the past 30 days.  

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Not a toy


DON’T CLICK THIS UNLESS YOU WANT TO SEE A TARANTULA. The magnet pic is just so it doesn’t automatically show it to you. This is Argiope. That’s her name (and the name of...

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Easy and (relatively) Quick Bread

I love bread. I especially love fresh-baked bread. I have no bread machine though, and I thought kneading was complicated and I was afraid of it. I bought some yeast when we first...

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“Holy Shit This Fudge Is Amazing” Fudge Recipe

We don’t really celebrate Christmas. I do giftmas, with a small G, because I like presents and good food, but it’s between November and February and you basically do whatever you want and...

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What’s the Bzz? Kroger Skillet Meals

I know you already know I am a BzzAgent. That means I get to try products for free, or at a reduced price, in exchange for talking about it to other people. Or...

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National Dog Day. Let’s have a bath!

According to Dogster it’s National Dog Day. Awesome! I love my furkids like crazy so why not give them a day of their own? In honor of NDD I’m going to tell you...

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Warm Corn Salad

Today was Bountiful Baskets pickup day. It’s a great day! I just wish our pickup was a bit later. I always forget on Friday nights that I have to get up early on...

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I decided to do this little thing on Instagram since they have mini videos now. I call it watchmecook.  I video myself throughout meal prep and then post it with the hashtag “watchmecook”...

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Not a toy

Magnetic Shelf

I live in military housing right now so I can’t randomly drill holes and nail things into the walls like I normally would. Especially in the kitchen, where the cabinets are weird metal-and-plastic...

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Refill Your Plug-ins.

This is pretty self-explanatory. I don’t know why I didn’t try doing this before. You can refill your Glade and AirWick plug-in air fresheners, y’all. 

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